Our tray under X-ray

Setting the standard for security trays worldwide

The humble security tray was the same for years and years until One.Tray “re-invented” it. The revolutionary design, packed with features has left ‘conventional’ trays behind and shown that you can improve the experience in security for passengers and staff alike.

Matt Rogers

Eurostar Head of UK Security

One.Tray Features

Noise absorbing
RFID enabled
High durability
Fully recyclable
Resistant to dirt and bacteria
UV-C resistant
Improved X-ray transparency

One.Tray In detail


30% lighter than traditional trays of the same size and capacity. Superior tensile strength with a thickness of only 1.3mm

Noise absorbing

40% less noise caused through handling. A sound-absorbing base foam keeps dB levels low

RFID enabled

Ability to add RFID tag connected with any automated tray return system. 100% protected tag with no detachment or rupture

High durability

Twice the life plastic polymer trays delivered by using proprietary production technique and high impact materials resistant to damage


Fully recyclable

Adheres to the latest HSSE policies.40% of the material re-cycled and remaining 60% re-used

Protection from dirt and bacteria

A layered fabric, covered by a PET film, creates a smooth surface which aids cleanliness. Typical bacteria count 600% less than ‘standard’ tray 

UV-C light resistant

Unaffected by high levels of UV light used by the latest decontamination systems

Improved X-ray transparency

Thin, high-quality material improves imagery for security teams. The first tray specifically designed for X-ray screening

One.Tray Compatibility

The unique manufacturing process allows us to create trays of all shapes, sizes and capacities. This enables us to create a bespoke solution for each individual situation across multiple airport partners, or indeed for different equipment scenarios within a single location.

All materials used by One.Tray ensure full X-ray transparency. Our trays are currently in use with the leading and most advanced security equipment companies across the globe.

One.Tray is also fully compatible with every type of tray return system (automated, vertical, gravity and manual). With automated systems, compatibility includes all major manufacturers.

Product certification

As a result of this collaboration, apart from X-ray and tray return manufacturers, One.Tray is the only manufacturer on an ECAC or TSA issued list of certified equipment.

We’d love to tell you more about our trays

We think our tray is unique and would greatly benefit your business. We’d really like to show you why and explain more how it can improve the experience of your passengers and security teams.