More than a tray, a better experience
and a revenue source

A unique approach to an essential part of the passenger journey

Our tray – as a service

Built around the needs of the modern day transport hub

Working with you, we evaluate which of our range of security trays perfectly meets your needs. If we don’t have one, we will custom-design it


At no cost to yourselves, we manufacture and supply the required number of trays to optimise operational efficiency
We maintain and replace any trays if they are lost, damaged or wear out
In return, One.Tray receive the exclusive advertising rights on the trays

A better passenger experience

Put yourselves at the forefront of service innovation

Ultralight and quieter trays reduce
passenger stress during this essential part
of their journey
The custom-made tray (shape & size) helps
speed progress through security, whilst a
standardised design unifies the “look and
feel” of security lanes
Materials used and the frequency of
replacement ensures the trays are always
clean and helps puts hygiene at the centre of
the passenger experience
We worked closely with One.Tray to develop the custom tray in use in Copenhagen airport. They have been very responsive to all of our requests and the security staff and management are very happy with the resulting product.
Security Technology Specialist at Copenhagen Airport

Improved environment for security teams

Make your security process more effective

Security lanes are a noisy environment in which to work. The unique One.Tray material and noise absorbing foam on the base, contribute significantly to a reduction in noise levels as a result of tray handling
Repetitive lifting of ‘traditional trays’ in some locations can lead to fatigue amongst staff and reduce efficiency of operation. Our tray is 40–60% lighter resulting significantly easier handling
The limited thickness and high-quality material deliver improved X-ray imagery of tray contents. Our tray is the first to be specifically designed for X-ray screening

Boosting financial performance

Grow income, reduce costs

Airport advertising sites are a highly profitable media opportunity representing an important source of non aeronautical income.
However, income from tray advertising has been limited by high operational costs (applying and removing stickers) and the poor quality of the advertising itself.
One.Tray solves these problems by integrating advertising creative into the tray itself, so improving the appeal to advertisers whilst removing labour intensive processes. Airports can then benefit from this new and unique approach, by sharing revenues generated through tray advertising. Furthermore, since One.Tray provides the trays, there are no procurement costs, further enhancing the airport P&L. In return for improved revenue and reduced operational costs, the airport grants advertising rights on security trays to One.Tray.

5 steps to working with us

Contact us with information on your security trays, equipment and processes and one of our team will be in touch straight away

We engage to understand your precise needs and gather feedback from your teams. You will see our tray and discuss the different commercial models

Your security operations are paramount, so we will make prototypes to match your specifications, equipment type and processes

Following thorough evaluation, we move to a trial (one or more security lanes or a terminal) to fully test in a live security environment

This trial is carefully monitored and evaluated with all feedback taken into account. Once the final design and commercial terms are agreed, we proceed to a phased or full introduction

Frequently asked questions

One.Tray is responsible for engaging advertising partners as this is the primary enabler for offering the security trays to the airport at no cost.
One.Tray’s average replacement time is normally every 12 months and aligns with the renewal or updating of the sponsor’s artwork.
Yes, our trays are fully compatible with every type of tray return systems. Click here to find out more.
Developed through extensive R&D and propriety production technique, our ultra-light, noise absorbant and bacteria resistant trays enhance both the passenger and security team experience. Click here to find out more.
We are operational in over 30 airports around the world. You can see more information on our airport network here.

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