Our mission:

Engineer, design and produce trays for security checkpoints, with the aim to improve the passenger experience

Becoming One.Tray

One.Tray was born with the idea to innovate the trays commonly in use at airport security checkpoints by creating a one-fits-all solution that could be used through airports. We realized that this couldn’t be possible due to big differences in airports security infrastructures.

After months of intense work in prototyping and on field tests, we identified the appropriate shape format and attached service to quickly provide trays designed ad hoc for airports specific security infrastructures.

After a long R&D process we have finally developed a proprietary production system that allow us to serve any airport using trays made with the same material and process, but with custom sizes.

Our Track Record

  • Selected for the Bocconi University and Milan Chamber of commerce for their startup accelaration program
  • Partnership with a strong industrial company with top worldwide vertical know-how on a patented production technology
  • Awarded grant by European Union for Innovation SME – Horizon 2020
  • 18 airports on a national level
  • 1 international airport: Copenhagen airport
  • Volume of 140 mn/psg. per annum: approx. 80% of yearly generated passengers from Italian ground
  • Several top notch clients: Fastweb, Mastercard, TIM, IWBank, Easyjet, M&G Investments, SisalPay, Lufthansa, Netflix, Europcar, AirFrance

Meet the team

Federico Kluzer

Managing Director

Alessandro Pedote

Business Development Director

Andrea Guffanti

Operations Director

Sara Ferraro

Product & Innovation Manager

Stefano Tacchi

Business Development Associate

Nicolò de Brabant


Giovanni Scolari


Press Review