Guaranteed 100% reach of your target audience,
in an unconventional and memorable way

Our sponsorship service

We are the first company ever specialized in the provision of custom-designed airports security trays aimed at enhancing the travellers’ experience while offering, at the same time, a unique sponsorship opportunity to brands. By sponsoring the trays, brands have the chance to provide a better service to 100% of the airport passengers and, at the same time, the opportunity to communicate with them in a new, memorable and innovative way.

Reporting & Analysis

Before the sponsorship campaign:

  • Analysis of the client target and proposal of the most effective action plan to intercept it
  • Graphic simulation of a brand’s impact domination of the security area
  • Advisory, graphic support, quantitative & qualitative measurement of a brand’s creativity effectiveness by tracking of neuro-physical parameters

During the sponsorship campaign:

  • On-the-field passengers’ feedback collection and sentiment analysis

After the campaign:

  • Final output: “performance report”

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Why One.Tray vs other OOH media

  • Reach: intercept 100% of your target audience
  • Service: sponsor a better service to the passenger
  • Measurement: passengers’ data tracking and reporting
  • Physical interaction: all the passengers interact with the tray
  • Target: granular passenger profiling to reach your relevant target
  • Wow-factor: excellent ad-recall and increased purchase activity

Brand awareness


Brand awareness +208%

General sponsor recall


General advertising recall +48%

Purchase activity


Purchase activity +83%

The results refer to a 12-month advertising period and come from the “airport security bin advertising effectiveness case study” conducted by market analysis inc.
Note: percentages are compared to the test’s scores on the same criteria obtained in advertised and non-advertised markets for the same 12-month time span

Where we are

Where we are

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Where we are

The 5 steps to One.Tray


Shoot us an email at info@onetray.it and give us some insights on the campaign, your target and, if you already know them, the airports you might be interested


We’ll do an availability check of your airport preferences, eventually suggest more suited locations for your target and get back to you with a graphic proposal


Once agreed on the airports and set down the commercial details, we’ll be helping you drawing your creativity and, if requested, perform the “efficacy tests” on your final proposal


We’ll submit you the test results proceed with the eventual needed fine tuning


Production kick-off and in 30 days you’ll be on-air